Les Beaux Jours

An oriental nectar conconcted from flowers and fruits

This perfume expresses all the joy and freshness of its name, bursting with delicious head notes. The subtleness of lychee converses with crunchy pomegranate and juicy clementine, before revealing a heart note of flowers in full bloom. Three unique flowers with strong identities let their seductive olfactory personalities play: majestic and imposing Madonna lily blends with heady jasmine, enhancing an elegant and distinctly oriental Turkish rose. The softness is carried by the base note, which appeases the fruits and flowers with its deep white cedar, dry, woody vetiver, and a touch of musk.

Les Beaux Jours will delight the woman who loves floral accords that are not insipid, fresh oriental notes, voluptuous and sensual flowers in perfect harmony with her skin. Far from conventional, this delicious perfume which grows in sophistication with every hour could well become a classic.


Olfactive notes

  • gardenia
  • mandarine
  • ylang
  • laurier
  • poivre-rose
  • litchi
  • clémentine
  • lys
  • jasmin
  • rose
  • nectarine
  • osmanthus
  • poire
  • Note de coeur-Rose
  • jasmin
  • violette
  • essencedesantal
  • bois-oud
  • cashmere
  • cedre-blanc
  • musc
  • vetiver
  • fleur-oranger
  • grenade
  • Top note-Nectarine
  • Top note-Pear
  • Top note-Osmanthus
  • Heart note-Rose
  • Heart note-Jasmin
  • violette
  • Base note-Sandalwood
  • Base note-Oud Wood
  • cashmere
  • Top note-Mandarin essence
  • Top note-Laurel
  • Top note-Pink Pepper
  • Heart note-Orange blossom
  • Heart note-Ylang
  • Heart note-Gardenia
  • Ambre
  • vanille
  • patchouli
  • Top note-Pomegranate
  • Top note-Lychee
  • Top note-Clementine
  • Heart note-Lily
  • Heart note-Jasmine
  • Heart note-Rose Oil
  • Base note-White Cedar
  • Base note-Vetiver
  • Base note-Musk
  • Note de tête-Essence de Mandarine