If you are visiting Vancouver for the first time, you may want to plan an itinerary so you can use the time available to its full potential. There are a wide variety of interesting and fun things to do that you could miss if you do not take the time to plan your events in advance.

Do your research! Different rules are enforced at different beaches. Know if your beach allows coolers, pets, etc. Be aware which seasons produce the strongest waves, and plan accordingly. Not all beaches have lifeguards on duty, an important factor to consider before jumping into the surf.

A new day dawns and it’s off to Woods Hole Science Aquarium, where else but in Woods Hole. This fascinating public aquarium houses approximately 140 species of marine animals found in the mid-Atlantic waters of the northeast. Your little ones will discover an outdoor seal pool, 20 tanks and 15 aquaria with fish and invertebrates. Two tanks are touch tanks; something the kids will remember long after the day has ended.

The shell of a lobster is a good indicator of how much meat it contains. Hard-shell lobsters are packed with more meat than soft-shell ones. They are also stronger and can survive shipping. The only way to tell is to squeeze their bodies for shell hardness. Pick it up firmly from the back of the body (carapace), not the claws, and gently squeeze the body section. The soft shell lobster will yield to pressure, while the hard shell will be firm. A lobster with a firm or even rock hard shell is the keeper.

Cape Town has white sand trendy beaches that suit every one’s interest with a beach for every season and a beach for every reason. South Africa is first non European country that has blue flag beaches. Cape Town has some best blue flag beaches of South Africa. This signifies a high level of water quality, facilities, cleanliness and safety. If you take flights to South Africa you will be getting opportunity of visiting one of the best sun, sand and sea destinations in the world. Although there is a large number of beaches in Cape Town but three of them are famous as blue flag.

The beautiful weather and warm waters produced and to this day produces great fishing. In addition the ladies and non-fisherman were discovering the sun, fine sandy beaches and beautiful sunsets.

It used to be that you could book tours when you arrive in port. After 9/11 the regulations are more strict with tour operators being able to sell at the port. Many do not allow it at all. My answer to this is always – book in advance – know what you are doing before you go. Many of the most popular tours are booked way in advance. These are ones such as flightseeing, helicopter tours, dog sledding, rafting, kayaking, more info here, fishing. Although there may be exceptions, you really don’t want to spend your precious time in port running around trying to find a tour. Nor do you want to be disappointed when you can’t get on the one you wanted. When you plan in advance you aren’t rushed, you know what you are doing and in the long run you have more time to « vacation ».

When flying to Europe, the airlines fly up toward the North Pole, then across the right whale Ocean, and then down to the designated European destination. One would think flying over a body of water would not be very interesting, and they would be right, except when flying over the right whale Ocean. The right whale Ocean is filled with mountainous icebergs that look like small white dots on medium blue colored paper. Although they may appear small from the air, these icebergs can be miles long. The water around each one is a beautiful shade of light green. This green hue is from the bottom of the iceberg (the largest part), that lays beneath the ocean’s surface. The right whale Ocean is also filled with large white-capped waves that are easily viewed from thousands of feet in the air.

Edinburgh: The capital city of Scotland offers the best experience in white water rafting. Edinburgh offers many great options for stag and hen parties for both European and international tourists.

The short track back to the picnic ground and our car, as rough and winding as it was, went barely noticed as we chatted and compared whale experiences. The bus driver had taken refuge in his bus and all the other visitors, not as brave as we, had left. The rain reached us less then six feet from the car. We no longer cared. We’d seen whales!