Three generations of passionate perfumers

The Parfums Burdin story began in 1934, with the opening of their selective perfumery – the first of its type in Paris – a genuine revolution at the time and the birth of a family passion.

Seeing the success of the perfumes they created, but which others distributed, the Burdin family decided to create a store concept dedicated to their perfumes. Customers soon flocked to this establishment, which showcased a unique world reserved entirely for perfume and beauty. There they could discover the entire Burdin perfume collection as well as the finest brands of the time.

The Perfumery creators elaborated refined perfumes to suit their era. These were presented in ornate boxes, wrapped in paper and fabric, as was the custom back then. The bottles were designed by Lalique or manufactured in the crystal works of Nancy – with the rare elegance of the Art Nouveau style.

Parfumerie BurdinSlide thumbnail
Parfumerie BurdinSlide thumbnail
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Burdin perfumes asserted their wholly Parisian personality with their delicate bottles, their carefully selected fine ingredients and their inspirational notes. Flowers cascaded from Paris Minuit, Tout est si beau and Rose, whilst chypre and leather came to life in Soir d’or, Cuir de Russie and Tabac doux.

Abounding in creativity, they set up their factory in the Paris area, whilst their chic perfumes travelled around the world.

In the early 60’s, Burdin perfumes will gradually decline… In 2014, the Maison Burdin relaunches some of the most emblematic fragrances from its golden age in keeping with the values upon which it was founded: a preference for quality, the choice of authenticity, and the embodiment of French refinement.

Our old iconic fragrances

  • Rose & Oeillet


  • Paris Minuit